OJT Day 15: IGSL Article 1

May 17, 2013

Today I took the time to start my article on the Bangladeshi Christians studying in the Philippines. It was truly a blessing to hear from them. I learned a lot by simply interacting with them. One thing I have to learn, though, is to understand a foreigner’s English style. I was playing back through the recorded interview, and I realized that they spoke very softly. Their English was hard to understand as well. It was hard to ask follow up questions as I was still processing and understanding what they said. Before I knew it, the next question had to be asked already. There were a few awkward silences.

It took me one whole day, and I’m not yet done. I guess I have to be more prepared next time (and I really took the time to think of questions to ask and some possible follow ups… it was not enough though).

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