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OJT Day 16: IGSL Article 2

May 20, 2013

To my surprise, there were only a few people at the office. Apparently, almost everyone was out of the country. The morning sharing was a great reminder of God’s love for us.

The day started quickly but started to pace slowly in the afternoon. I finished my IGSL article, and I’m happy to have come up with an article from a difficult interview. Thank God for perseverance!

It was quite a tough task to finish, but I managed to conquer it. My mind was flying around for a few moments, but I managed to keep it together in time for the article to finish today. Perhaps focus is what I lack to accompany my determination to finish the work. Or maybe I should go transcribe a full set of interview first before writing an article. This does not go well with news writing in media outlets, however it will do in other areas. Noted.

Tomorrow I will layout this article. My OJT is almost done! 🙂

OJT Day 15: IGSL Article 1

May 17, 2013

Today I took the time to start my article on the Bangladeshi Christians studying in the Philippines. It was truly a blessing to hear from them. I learned a lot by simply interacting with them. One thing I have to learn, though, is to understand a foreigner’s English style. I was playing back through the recorded interview, and I realized that they spoke very softly. Their English was hard to understand as well. It was hard to ask follow up questions as I was still processing and understanding what they said. Before I knew it, the next question had to be asked already. There were a few awkward silences.

It took me one whole day, and I’m not yet done. I guess I have to be more prepared next time (and I really took the time to think of questions to ask and some possible follow ups… it was not enough though).

OJT Day 14: Slow Day 2

May 16, 2013

Ok, today was not really slow. I just had the feeling that it was.

I got to layout the article I did earlier, and I started to write the articles from the interviews. That’s about it.

Not everyday is an exciting day, but these are the days where you need to pull yourself together and get things done. Hopefully, I can do it. 🙂

OJT Day 13: International Interview

May 15, 2013

Today I prepared interview questions. I had an interview in IGSL at 4pm. It was a great experience to be hearing stories from people of other countries. I was able to interview 3 couples from Bangladesh. To be honest, it was hard to understand their English; but thank God for the ability to playback through recorders! haha

Interviewing is hard, but facilitating a discussion with an interview mindset is hard. You see, the couples are seated on a table and I asked them questions. They answered individually. I was horrified because they were not “into it” when it’s not their turn to answer. But thank God because they were happy I visited them. So here are some pictures from my “journey”.

OJT Day 12: Slow Day

May 14, 2013

Elections just finished yesterday, and the office was talking about their votes and their experiences in their precinct. I had a splitting headache today, my head was spinning, and I don’t know why. I had a hard time working, so I was not able to do much today. I did some layouts though.

Tomorrow I will be interviewing a group of people so I have to prepare questions. It’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow! 🙂

OJT Day 11: Output

May 10, 2013

Today, I get to print the final copy of the newsletter. The people here really liked the newsletter! So here are some pictures of the output.IMG_0679IMG_0680

It was exciting to finally see the results of the work I’ve put into the newsletter. This encourages me to move forward and excel in the things I am doing.

Today also marked the day where I started to write an article for the news section of the organization. It was really hard dealing with second hand information, but I pulled it off well. But that was definitely not my best work as a lot of editing was made. I am glad, though, that I managed to write an article. The style required by this organization will not be easily learned, so I got to have more practice.

OJT Day 10: Final Final and Another Draft

May 9, 2013

The draft copy of the newsletter was returned to me, and I realized I made a few grammatical errors. Thank God for people with editing skills! 🙂 I proceeded to edit them one by one and moved on to composing a draft of an article my boss asked me to write. There was no deadline, so I had a hard time because my mind would not cooperate with me.

When fulfilling my assignments in school, I use up all my time just to get my brain to work with me. Unfortunately, I did the same today. My mind was so uninspired, but I don’t know how to deal with it. When it was almost time to go, my brain finally cooperated. I guess a little pressure works for me. I have to try to “professionalize” my brain though. Because it might come in handy the next time.